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Learn How to Belly Dance Slow Moves


~ Belly rolls, undulations, upper torso moves ~

~ Rolling hip combinations ~

~ Fluid arm techniques ~

~ Free style belly dance (improvisation) ~

~ Performances by six featured belly dancers~

~ Belly Dance Choreography ~

~ Group belly dancing ~

~ Spectacular solo performances ~

Atéa and co-instructors Anastasia and Annalisa teach beginner to intermediate belly dance steps, variations, step combinations, and exercise techniques. Anaheed, Dahlia and Fahtiem perform a variety of belly dance styles that will inspire students and afficionados alike.

Atéa & Friends present a comprehensive overview of the foundation belly dancing moves of traditional and modern belly dance.

belly dance video


Beginner to Intermediate
moves for slow music (approx. 40 min.)


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Belly Dance Slow Moves Video Clips

This page provides links to belly dance video clips for slow moves video. To download and watch all our video clips page, visit the belly dance video clips page.

Visit our belly dance video page to see all the videos from the Magical Motion series.

To view the video clips from the Magical Motion Bellydance video, you will need to use the free Quicktime Video Player. Most Internet browsers already have the player installed.

To download the free player from Apple click on the following link:
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Choreographed Belly Dance Drill

Belly Dance video clip

Dahlia's Belly Dance

Dahlia's Belly Dance

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Bellydance slow moves Magical Motion Information

Bellydance! Magical Motion Beginner - Intermediate
moves for slow music
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Bellydance fast moves Fast Moves Information

Bellydance! Fast Moves Beginner - Intermediate
moves for slow music
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