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Belly Dance Styles

Dahlia Belly Dancer As art forms evolve over time, they develop different interpretations or styles. Belly dance (also known as Oriental Dance) is practiced worldwide and today there are a number of different belly dance styles that are popular. All authentic styles use the same basic belly dance core moves and belly dance core techniques that have been at the heart of the dance for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Authentic bellydance uses this classic belly dance core movement vocabulary almost exclusively, while fusion belly dance styles mix in enough outside influences to noticeably change the look of the dance.

The major elements that distinguish belly dance styles from each other are:
1) music
2) costume

The major belly dance styles being practiced today can be organized under two broad categories: Western Belly dance and Eastern Belly dance (Oriental Dance). These in turn have a number of sub-categories. You can click on the links below to learn more about each belly dance style*.

Western Belly Dance Styles

Classic American Belly Dance
Tribal Belly Dance
Gypsy Belly Dance
Goddess / Spiritual Belly Dance
Fusion Belly Dance
Fitness Belly Dance

Eastern Belly Dance (Oriental Dance) Styles

Egyptian / Raks Sharki
Turkish / Oryantal Dansi
East Indian / Bollywood

*Belly dance is an individually creative expression of the core moves and core concepts and each belly dancer interprets the music in her own unique way. In one sense it could be said that there are as many belly dance styles as there are belly dancers.

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