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Belly Dancer Pictures and Images

Below are belly dancing pictures, images and photos of friends and other profesional belly dancers. Some like Janet pursue belly dancing part time but others are engage belly dance as their profession.

Janet and granddaughter Daraliz

janet belly dancer President of an international company in Puerto Rico and the only woman in her field worldwide, Janet's also a belly dancer, teaching and performing at restaurants, TV shows, and concerts.

Daraliz belly dancer Following in her footsteps, her daughter is also a belly dancer and it looks like her granddaughter will do the same.

Janet's granddaughter Daraliz is 2 years old and already belly dancing!


annalisa belly dancer Annalisa performs in Los Angeles and has been a featured belly dancer on television shows and dance videos.

She is the creator of a unique line of body jewelry for dancers called Crystaline Curves.

Her site also offers hip scarves, chiffon and satin skirts (straight, full, paneled) and other belly dance clothing.


Fahtiem belly dancer Fahtiem is an award winning performer, choreographer, and instructor of classical Danse Orientale (belly dance). She is the producer of the Oasis Dance Magic Workshop held annually in the Los Angeles area.

She also keeps busy with appearances on television and videos, and traveling internationally for seminars and concerts.

Fahtiem has a great site where she also sells a instructional video, zills and other items.

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