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Belly Dance Music CD (compact disc)

Music for Belly Dance!

Slow Moves & Fast Moves

Lebanese-American composer and musician, Raja Zahr, is renowned as a master of East/West fusion. His compositions present a variety of tempos, moods, and compelling rhythms, perfect for the many styles of modern belly dance.

This CD features the complete instrumental soundtrack from both "Belly dance! Slow Moves" and "Belly dance! Fast Moves", including the music for the choreographies taught in both belly dance videos.

  • 18 songs to belly dance
  • Slow, Moderate, and Fast Tempos
  • Beautiful Melodies
  • Drum Solos
  • Slow and Fast Chiftetelli Rhythms
  • 4/4, Balady, Masmoudi, and 9/8 Rhythms

Music for Belly dance!
Slow Moves & Fast Moves


Download and listen to belly dance mp3 music samples from the CD: (Click titles below)


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