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Fusion Belly Dance

It can be said that all dances today are derived from fusion because all dance forms evolve by adding new elements to established, or classical, forms. Certain dance movement vocabularies and concepts coalesce and remain constant for a length of time, thus creating a specific and recognized genre of classic dance. Bellydance, as a classic dance art, becomes fusion when enough new elements are used to alter significantly the recognized genre or 'classic' dance form.

fusion belly dance While fusion bellydance contains some authentic bellydance movements, there are usually enough outside elements to keep the dance from being 'authentic' bellydance. This does not detract from the value of a fusion bellydance, which can possibly emerge over time as an art form in its own right.

The Moves: A bellydancer doing fusion bellydance performs some core belly dance moves but also adds a liberal amount of dance movement from other genres such as ballet, gymnastics, hip-hop, East Indian, Polynesian, Flamenco, African dance, etc.

Music: In fusion bellydancing, the music can range from traditional Arabic to any other genre of music. Most common are modern musical blends of East and West.

Costume: All styles of belly dance costumes are acceptable in fusion bellydance. Most typical are creative variations of classic American belly dance and/or Tribal bellydance costume elements.

Where one draws the line between authentic bellydance and fusion styles is a matter of debate. It usually depends on what percentage of a dancer's moves and music comes from the classic belly dance genre as opposed to outside influences. Most bellydancers who teach or perform fusion bellydance label it as such to avoid confusing the public regarding the more traditional or classic styles of bellydancing.

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