Hating Your Workouts

How many times have we all heard people complaining about working out? In fact, a lot of times we are those people! The truth is that for many of us, the only good thing about working out is when it’s over. Of course, if people didn’t get results from working out, they wouldn’t do it at all. So, most people who do workouts they dislike feel that the results are worth it – just barely.

The trouble is that science is learning more about brain chemistry and the indications are that hating our workouts has unintended consequences. If we’re doing exercise we hate, we may be getting the mechanical exercise our muscles and cardiovascular system needs, but we’re flooding our bodies with stress hormones! Too many stress hormones can depress our immune system and cause other negative effects for our mind and body.

We’re all better off doing workouts we can enjoy. Enjoyable exercise releases ‘feel good’ chemicals in the body, strengthening our immune system and increasing our quality of life. Fortunately, there’re lots of fitness options available and people can keep trying different ones until they find those they enjoy. I’m lucky – when I discovered bellydancing, I found the perfect one for me and it’s served me beautifully ever since.

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