Super Foods for Super Dancers

In a previous blog “Good Health is a Dancers’ Best Move”, I wrote about the obvious link between good health and good dancing. There are many things a dancer can do to have good health, and eating right is one of the obvious ones.

Dancers need to experiment with diet and then implement the one that works best for them. In general, the best diet is a well-balanced one of minimally processed, organic food. There are a number of ‘super’ foods that seem to be especially beneficial, and many of them are fresh ‘live’ foods. Live foods are nutritionally complete with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, anti-oxidants, and vital elements. Many of these important food components can be destroyed by cooking or over processing. When fresh foods are in a raw, or minimally processed state, they’re at their most optimal for your health.

There’s an increasing amount of information available about super foods, especially on the Internet. A little research can help you decide how to incorporate some of these foods into your diet and life style. Here’re a few of my favorite super foods:

I have to admit it – I put blueberries at the top of my list because my brother has an organic blueberry farm! But that’s not why I try to eat fresh, organic blueberries as often as possible. They’re absolutely delicious and have one of the highest antioxidant contents of any food on the planet, in addition to high levels of vitamins C & E and other important nutrients.

Chocolate, in its’ minimally processed form, is so good for you and makes you feel so good too (it’s a natural anti-depressant!). The Aztecs didn’t call it ‘the food of the Gods’ for nothing. You can make your own sugar-free treats by purchasing unsweetened (preferably organic) chocolate, melting it over very low heat, and then adding Stevia (an all natural sweetener) and any other ingredients you want (like raw nuts or dried fruit). Once it’s cooled, you’ll have a nutritional supplement that boosts your serotonin and endorphin levels, acts like a mild stimulant, and tastes like gourmet candy.

Most of us don’t eat enough greens. Chlorella is a nutrient packed green algae that’s a great source of plant protein, amino acids, fiber and chlorophyll. It detoxifies and nourishes the body as well as balances your Ph level. In tablet form, it’s a simple and convenient way to add this potent food group to your diet.

These are just a few foods that you can easily include in your lifestyle to attain and maintain good health. Do your homework and discover other super foods that will enhance your wellbeing. You can supercharge your dancing by eating super foods. How delicious is that?

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