Rosie and the Real Bellydance Super Stars

Roseann (Rosie) Pirrung Kubit died recently; too young at the age of 59.  She suddenly and unexpectedly contracted a serious illness and within 3 months she was gone.  She left behind a multitude of grieving family, friends, and fans.

Rosie, known professionally as Romnea, was a full-time career bellydancer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (my home town).  For over 30 years she taught, performed, and promoted the fine art of bellydance.  She was known for her beauty of face, body, and dance, but most importantly for her beauty of spirit and personality.  Rosie was fun, always smiling and always, always kind.  Everyone loved Rosie.

Romnea was one of the best ambassadors of bellydance.  Anyone that met her or saw her perform could not see a negative image of the dance; only the warmth, love, and happiness that the best people and best dancers convey.  Like her great friend JuliAna, another beautiful Milwaukee bellydancer who died too young, she did so much to enhance the image and understanding of bellydance.  Thousands of women were inspired to take up bellydancing because of Romnea and JuliAna.

Romnea was the embodiment of an important reason why bellydancing has survived and thrived throughout the millennia.  Special bellydancers like her project their love of life and love of people through the lens of this dance.  Their life-affirming message is a gift that people want and need.  Rare people like Rosie have a knack for giving it.

For those of us who express our joy of life through bellydancing, we can thank the likes of Rosie who have kept this dance alive generation after generation.  While there are popular and influential bellydancers who are better known on a global scale, those super stars owe much of their commercial success to the bellydancers who do the grassroots work of nurturing the dance in their local communities.  Special souls like Rosie are the bedrock and real super stars, not just of bellydance, but also of life itself.


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