A Quantum Leap Forward in Dance

Watching some of the popular TV dance shows lately, it’s been great to see so many dancers with superb technique and a mastery of a variety of dance styles. People today are exposed to more excellent dancing than ever before. This is especially true because of the development of video, DVDs and the Internet. Dance students, teachers, and choreographers now have unparalleled educational tools provided by these technologies.

These days, we can sit in the comfort of our homes or studios and analyze the finest performances and instruction from the best dancers of every dance genre from around the world. Before the video and Internet revolution, you could attend a performance or class and when it was over, it was gone forever. Even if someone filmed it, the technology of the time required a film projector and darkened room to view it again – not very convenient! If you saw a dance on TV or in a movie, it was not always easy or even possible to see it again.

Now with video/DVD recorders and computers, you can copy dances from television, the Internet, video cameras, and other sources. You can then watch them over and over, and even view the movements in slow motion to see exactly how they’re done.

With so much excellence and inspiration in dance widely available, it’s no surprise to see so many accomplished dancers, and to see so much fusion of dance styles. Bellydance, African dance, and Latin dance, to name a few, have had a noticeable influence in today’s dance scene.

Of course, as a bellydancer, I’m especially excited by how bellydance movements and costume elements are being used so extensively in ballroom, modern, ballet, hip-hop, and other popular dances! Modern technology and traditional arts are sparking a quantum evolution in dance and it’ll be interesting to see where it lands us next.


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