Don’t Forget Your Feet

Bellydance is not a dance of the feet in the same manner that ballet, tap, or Irish dancing are.  In bellydance, the main focus is on hip and torso movements and the activation of muscle energy is centered in these areas.  Few belly dance movements originate in, or are mainly powered by the feet, with the exception of some traveling steps.  Even in most belly dance traveling steps, the focus of movement is still on other body parts, with the feet just adding the locomotion.

This doesn’t mean that our feet aren’t vitally important in bellydancing.  They are the body’s foundation, which is so important to our sense of stability and balance.  By being sensitive to the ever-changing weight distribution throughout our feet as we move, we can have more precision and control of our motion.  In addition, there are also reflexology benefits of using our feet properly as we dance (see my blog: ‘Bellydancing and Reflexology’).

Because our feet connect us to the ground they can channel earth energy into our bodies through a technique called ‘earthing’.  Since the skin is a very good conductor of energy, dancing (or walking) barefoot on the Earth allows for a transfer of free electrons (a potent antioxidant) into the body.  Additionally, the middle of the ball of the foot is an acupuncture point that connects to all our acupuncture meridians, thoroughly bringing the grounding energy to every part of the body.

Whether you’re dancing in shoes on an artificial surface, or dancing outdoors in bare feet, paying attention to what connects you to the earth can enhance your dance and your health.  It’s quite a feat to be aware of all your moving parts, especially when the focus is on your belly dancing.




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