Echo From A Golden Age?

The Golden Age, Atlantis, Lemuria, the Garden of Eden – these are some of the names for a mythical time of ‘heaven on earth’.  Cultures around the world have legends about a golden time that existed in our distant path.  So is it really mythology or do the legends describe a real time in pre-history where civilizations were peaceful and spiritually and intellectually advanced?

The archeological and scientific evidence for advanced prehistoric civilizations grows by the day.  The in-your-face remains of higher knowledge can be seen in the ruins of places like Machu Piccu, the Gaza plateau, and Tiahuanaco, among many other sites around the globe.  The Mayan calendar, covering thousands of years that predate the Mayan civilization, is more accurate than the one we use today and the Mayans and other ancient people had knowledge of our Milky Way galaxy at a time when Europeans still believed that the world was flat.  Where did these people get this information?  Apparently our history is much more ancient and complex than we’ve previously thought.

It seems that the evidence and legends are proof of previous ‘golden ages’ and as a dancer, I’m very curious as to what dance looked like in such highly evolved cultures.  Is it possible that bellydance, perhaps the oldest surviving dance art in the world today, is an echo from such times?

What would dance look like in a peaceful, egalitarian, nurturing, and truly free society; a heaven on earth? Would the movement vocabulary of this dance be healthy for the dancers’ body or would it cause injury and discomfort?  Would the moves be enjoyable to do or would they be something to be endured because of a perceived need to push the body to extremes? Would the dancer feel free to express her individuality, or would she always be subservient to someone else’s choreography?  Would the dance be multi-dimensional, uniting mind, body, and spirit with our divine source?

On this special solstice day, I look forward to the New Year and daydream of a new and better future.  If golden ages existed before, they can exist again (and ancient people did perceive time as being cyclical, not linear).  So in my daydreams I imagine the dance of this better future and this dance is an echo from our past; a beautiful, healthy, and happy way of moving that looks very much like bellydance.


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