Bellydance – It’s Personal

Bellydance is different from classic Western dance (such as ballet) in more than just the movement vocabulary.  Bellydance also stands apart because it is traditionally a solo dance that is improvised, while ballet and many other Western dances are choreographed.

Choreography is especially useful for large theatrical stage presentations and is necessary when dealing with a troupe of dancers.  In choreography, whether for a soloist or troupe, a choreographer creates the dance and the dancers memorize the movements and perform them the same way every time.

When a bellydancer improvises her dance, she’s exercising her free will, choosing her movements to the music as she feels at that moment.  Through her spontaneous response the to music, she is expressing herself as a unique individual.  Every time she dances, her dance will be different reflecting the fact that time is constantly moving on and that no two moments, and the way that she feels in them, are exactly alike.

There are times in life when it may be desirable or necessary to be strictly controlled or choreographed by others.  Carried to an extreme and done too often it can make us mechanical and robot-like.  It seems that there’s a lot of that in our culture right now.

With bellydancing we indulge our need to both dance and to create something that reflects our individuality.  Exercising our free will and expressing our personality is healthy and gratifying.  When we bellydance, we have the opportunity to create our own dance of life, not someone else’s, and that makes it personal.





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