Bellydance: The Hottest New Trend – Again

I recently read a magazine article with a headline that touted bellydancing as the latest, hottest new trend in fitness.  I had to laugh a bit at that.  I’m certainly glad to see bellydance recognized as a viable and beneficial workout, but mainstream media has been calling it the ‘hottest new trend’ since the 1960’s when bellydancing first became popular in the U.S.!

You’d think that after 50 years of increasing popularity, bellydancing wouldn’t be considered so ‘new’.  Millions of American women have practiced it since the ‘60’s, and of course, bellydancing itself, being over 6,000 years old, has been used for its’ health benefits for a very long time in other parts of the world.

Yoga also became popular in the U.S. in the 1960’s and it’s now practiced by more people than bellydancing is.  Perhaps that is why we don’t see yoga called a ‘hottest new trend’ anymore.  Yoga is now mainstream and I expect bellydancing will continue to become more mainstream also.  New types and applications of bellydance fitness will keep evolving and the public will become more aware of the highly sophisticated holistic elements of the dance.  The awareness of new applications of bellydance fitness will continue to be labeled ‘hottest, new’ until they too become mainstream.

I won’t complain about the ‘hottest, new’ moniker because it’s good to see bellydancing get positive recognition in print, TV, Internet, and video medias.  As far as I’m concerned, they can keep calling it the hottest new trend as long as they keep telling people how beneficial and fun bellydancing really is.


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