Accessing Imagination Through Bellydancing

When I practice bellydancing, I can enter a completely free flowing state of mind. This happens when I tune out the outside world and am only aware of the music and my improvised movements to it (which, through repetitive practice, have become automatic – I don’t have to think about how the movements are done). It’s a form of meditation that comes from the alpha and theta brainwaves that this kind of dancing can create.

My mind is not turned off while I’m dancing like this. It is simply aware, ‘in the moment’, and open to receiving inspiration, thoughts, and images. In this state, mental images and creative ideas appear on my mind’s radar. I’ve imagined some of my best creative ideas while dancing (I keep a notebook handy when I practice like this!)

When you think about this connection between bellydancing and imagination, it makes sense. When we do something we enjoy, we focus on it without stress and tension. If we’ve practiced our enjoyable activity a lot, the mind doesn’t have to think about ‘how to do it’, but is relaxed and receptive to our inner thoughts, intuition, feelings, and subconscious. We can effortlessly connect with our inner self and our higher self, unimpeded by the usual chatter of the conscious mind.

Bellydance has the added benefit of being a naturally healthy form of physical exercise that greatly increases the flow of energy through the body. As they understand in yoga and other Eastern disciplines, enhanced energy flow helps everything work better. Flowing motion and a meditative mind are a magical combination. Imagine that!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Albert Einstein


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