Are You a ‘Positive’ or a ‘Negative’?

All people hold certain beliefs that influence virtually all of their actions.  These beliefs can be viewed as positive or negative.  For example, a positive set of beliefs could look like this:

1)    The world is a better place when all people have compassion for others as well as for themselves.

2)    It’s best when I create win-win situations in life (I win and so do other people).

3)    To grow as an individual, I only need to compete with myself.

4)    I don’t need other people to lose out to me in order for me to feel good about myself.

A negative set of beliefs looks like this:

1)  It’s a dog eat dog world and I look out only for myself because no one else will.

2)  To win at life, others have to lose out to me; the more they lose to me the better.

3)  I must compete with others, and win over them, to be a success in life.

4)  I must be better than every one else in order to feel good about myself.

If the majority of people in this world hold to a negative belief paradigm, we will almost certainly have a dog-eat-dog world.  Their belief systems will help create and maintain a harsh environment for themselves and all of us.  In the belly dance world, I see this mentality in dancers who are hyper-competitive and back stabbing.  Although this mind-set may deliver short-term benefits to the holder, it just creates a climate of stress and resentment all around.  Really, in the end, nobody wins any lasting peace or happiness with this mind-set and the quality of life is diminished for everyone involved.

However, when most people hold a positive view, we help create the kind of community that nurtures and sustains all of us.  I do believe that the vast majority of people are born with good hearts and intentions.  In our belly dance community, these positive people are the ones that give with their hearts, supporting others as well as themselves.  They make everyone feel valued,  keeping our dance scene harmonious, vibrant, and alive.

Whether we’re talking about our belly dance community, local community, or the global community, each individual plays a vital role.  We can choose to believe that people are inherently bad (hyper-competitive and selfish) or good (cooperative and nurturing).  Our choice in beliefs will show in everything we say and do.  That will be our contribution, positive or negative, to our belly dance community and our world at large.


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