Bellydance – A Moving Meditation

There’s no doubt about the benefits of meditation.  Study after study tells us that meditating on a regular basis profoundly improves our health physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Whether you wish to reduce your stress levels, have more energy and vitality, enhance your creativity, or just to quiet the chatter of your mind to gain mental clarity, meditating is one of your simplest and cost-free methods.

The goal of meditation is to quiet your thoughts so that your mind can achieve a heightened level of peaceful awareness resulting in improved brain wave activity. There’re many different ways to meditate and everyone is different as to which approach works best.  Some meditation methods involve sitting quietly while others, such as Tai Chi, involve motion.  In most cases, the key to experiencing peaceful awareness is through gently focusing your attention on something, whether it is a mantra, measured breathing, music, or body movement.

Bellydancing can be a wonderful form of meditation, if you’re an experienced bellydancer.  To quiet your mind through bellydance, your belly dance movements must be automatic so that you can simply focus your attention on the music.  Using slow tempos and gentle, circular movements generally gives the best results.  You can create a blissful and relaxed state that makes you receptive to inspiration from your spirit and sub-conscious mind.

Achieving a meditative state through bellydance is usually not possible for beginning dancers – if you have to think about how to do your belly dance moves, there’s too much going on in your head and you can’t reach a meditative level.  However, once you’ve mastered belly dance moves, you can do them automatically without thinking about the mechanics involved and that’s when you can just focus your mind on the music and flow effortlessly to it.Bellydancing can be a wonderful form of meditation

Bellydance is good for the mind, body, and spirit.  That you can combine its physical and emotional benefits with a meditative awareness make bellydance a uniquely moving experience in so many ways.


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