Why I Call It ‘Magical Motion’

When I was preparing my first belly dance instruction video in 1985, I struggled a bit in deciding on the name of its’ title.  At that time, bellydancing was very new to the instructional video market and I wanted to educate the public-at-large to the artistry and health benefits of this dance form.  I wasn’t focusing so much on the existing belly dance community: they already knew how wonderful the dance is.  However, the general public still had a long way to go in understanding what bellydancing was really about.

The first title issue to be addressed was the name of the dance itself.  Because my main focus was on the general public, I knew that the most recognizable name for the dance was ‘bellydance’.  But the question for me was how to add adjectives to my belly dance title that would easily convey the essence of all that bellydance offered.  For weeks I poured over the key words and phrases that define bellydance, such as:

*Natural, total body exercise * mind/body/spirit fitness * effective, full range of motion workout * lots of fun * low impact, non-injurious movement * the added healing benefits & incentive of music * stress reduction * increased vitality * feelings of accomplishment & self-esteem * connection to feminine energy * development of creativity & spontaneity * personal empowerment * opportunity to meet new friends.

As my list of key words and phrases grew and grew, it got harder to condense all that I wanted to convey in my title in just a few words.  I realized that there was just so much bellydancing can do that it seemed supernatural, just like magic.  This dance is motion.  Most dancers will tell you it feels like magic.  So for me, bellydance was then and still is, magical motion.



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