Good Vibrations – Shimmy On!

Recent scientific research has discovered the health benefits of vibrating the body. Whole body vibration improves bone strength, circulation, muscle strength, bone density, sense of balance, and more.

Some companies have developed whole body vibration exercise machines. When viewing a video demonstrating one of these machines, I couldn’t help but notice that the affect looked exactly like a couple of popular belly dance movements – the up & down (vertical) hip shimmy and the knee vibration shimmy. Of course, in bellydance, we also have other shimmies, such as the hip twist (horizontal) hip shimmy, the shoulder shimmy, bounce shimmy, and stomach flutter, to name a few. I’m sure the various belly dance shimmies have similar health benefits to those attributed to the whole body vibration machine.

So, if you’re interested in the benefits of vibration exercise and you can’t locate a facility that has these body vibration machines, try bellydancing. It’s a low-tech, but highly enjoyable, alternative.


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