One-Size Does Not Fit All

Learning to bellydance requires finding good belly dance teachers with good teaching methods.  For beginners, it can be hard to know which instructors and teaching methods are the best for them.  In addition, it can be confusing to even know which style of bellydance to study.

Finding the right teacher and bellydance style takes a bit of research.  Currently there are no universally accepted licensing boards or credentials for teaching bellydance. Therefore, the belly dance teachers that you find advertised can range from excellent to inept.  To find a suitable teacher, it’s usually  helpful to get recommendations from friends.  However, that’s not always possible, so a little personal research is usually necessary and is a good thing even if you have recommendations from others.  (See ‘Find a Qualified Belly Dance Teacher’)

Regarding choosing which belly dance style to study, there’s a lot of information online, in DVDs, and in books.  The advantage of the Internet and DVDs is that you can see videos of different styles, making it easier to decide what you like best.

Once you decide on a belly dance style, classroom instruction with a knowledgeable teacher can provide you with the guidance and feedback that will give you the most complete learning experience.  Each belly dance teacher will have her own unique approach to teaching.  Each student will have her own unique way of learning.  What is an excellent belly dance teacher for one student may not be a good teacher for another.

Clearly, one-size does not fit all when it comes to finding the right belly dance instructor for you.  So after soliciting recommendations from people and doing your research, you’ll simply have to jump in and chose a teacher.  If you’re fortunate, your first teacher will be a good one for you, but if not, be persistent and keep trying different classes.  Eventually you’ll find the teacher who is just the right fit for all your needs and you’ll be on your way to experiencing all the fun and benefits that bellydancing has to offer.


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