Breathing Life Into Your Dance

There are a few things that are necessary if you want to maximize the health benefits and enjoyment of your bellydancing.  Knowing how to do belly dance movements properly and how to apply the moves to music are important.  It’s also important to minimize your stress level while you dance.

An effective way to minimize your stress level and to give energy and strength to your movements is to simply breath correctly!  Yoga is one discipline that teaches superior ways of breathing using the belly and the diaphragm (the main muscle of respiration).

Diaphragmatic belly breathing teaches you to breath deeply by filling your lungs as completely as possible (at which point the belly expands).  This deep belly breathing sends oxygen to every part of your body, bringing live-giving energy to your cells.  Oxygenating your body this way gives you muscular endurance, clearness of thought, and peace of mind, among many other benefits.  These are things that you need not only to do a good dance but for good health in general.

In bellydancing, the belly and diaphragm are worked extensively with such moves as torso undulations, belly rolls, and ribcage isolations.  These movements exercise and strengthen the diaphragm and belly in a full range of motion.  In this manner, bellydancing enhances your ability to breath better, and in turn, breathing better enhances your ability to dance better!  It’s a complete circle of goodness.

For dancers (and non-dancers) who wish to learn belly breathing, there are web sites, yoga books, and DVDs that give simple instructions on how to do it.  When you learn to breath deeply using your diaphragm and belly you can pump your body full of energizing oxygen.  By applying these breathing techniques to your bellydancing you’ll notice immediate results and you’ll experience that complete circle of goodness.  So don’t hold your breath waiting for some magic elixir to improve your dancing.  You’ve already got a great one and it’s as plain as the nose on your face.

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