So You Think You Can Bellydance?

With bellydancing growing ever more popular around the globe, there are a lot of people calling themselves bellydancers these days. As I view some of these people dancing on YouTube, TV, at parties, and at other places, it’s plain to see that some of them don’t know much, if anything at all, about bellydance. So what is it that makes a person a real bellydancer as opposed to someone who’s just imitating or pretending?

To be a real bellydancer, you need to be proficient at performing entire dances using authentic bellydance belly dance moves and techniques. In authentic bellydance, there’s a standard vocabulary of classic movements (with many variations) and there are certain techniques for applying these movements to music. (For more information go to  classic belly dance moves and techniques).

You also need to be proficient at applying the classic moves and techniques to a variety of tempos of belly dance music. There are also different styles of belly dancing music and a bellydancer should be familiar with the most important ones. (For more information on styles go to bellydance music).

It’s a lot of fun to add belly dance moves when you do other types of dancing. Belly dancing moves are beautiful. They add variety and dimension to the other types of dances that you enjoy, creating ‘fusion’ styles of dance.

Real bellydancing is an art form and to truly master it, a dancer must invest time and energy learning the classic movements, movement variations, and the ability to improvise and/or choreograph to the correct belly dance music. It’s not something that is done overnight. But if you make the effort and take the time to learn the art of bellydance in its’ full spectrum of classic moves and applications, you won’t think you’re a real bellydancer – you’ll be a real bellydancer!

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