Silky Fabrics Make Strong Arms

When we think of exercising our arms for strength and toning, we usually think of using heavy weights. Who would associate using lightweight, silky fabrics for an upper body workout? Bellydancers – that’s who! Any bellydancer who has practiced veil dancing with lightweight, silky fabric knows what an intense, yet enjoyable exercise it can be.

In veil dancing, a bellydancer uses fabric that is lightweight and supple enough to float gracefully in the air so that she can create beautiful shapes and movement with it. To do this requires moving the arms and shoulders in a wide range of motion, with the arms often held or moved above waist level. It takes far more strength and flexibility than it appears, as any beginning belly dance student can attest. Yet veil dancing is so much fun that most bellydancers continue to practice it for the exercise as well as for the art (for more information on the value of exercising the arms with belly dance movement, see my blog “Beautiful Arms – Strong Heart”).

If you want a fast method to bulk up your arms and upper body, using weights is the way to go. But adding veil dancing to your workout regimen can give you a wide range of motion for your muscles and joints as well as a good aerobic component. You’ll be surprised at how a few of ounces of silky fabric can translate into grace, flexibility, and strength for your arms and upper body.

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