A Trick of the Bellydancer’s Trade

While talking with a musician friend of mine recently, he told me about a little ‘trick’ he uses to get himself to practice his guitar more often. Like most of us, he has a very busy schedule and often feels too distracted to think about practicing. To overcome this, he’ll leave his guitar in a very conspicuous place in his bedroom so that he sees it often and can easily pick it up to play it. This trick works well for him and he finds that he does practice more regularly because his guitar is not ‘out of sight and out of mind’.

We bellydancers can do the same trick using the tools of our trade. For example, belly dance hip scarves are beautiful with their colorful fabric and shiny coins. Draping them nicely in a noticeable area of our dancing space will catch our eye every time we enter the room. This will make it more likely that we’ll take a few moments to put our hip scarf on and dance a bit (and every little bit helps for exercise and stress reduction!).

We can also display our veils and finger cymbals where we can easily access them. They add a wonderful and exotic touch of décor to our living space and they help remind us that we are beautiful bellydancers. When our belly dance accessories are not ‘out of sight and out of mind’ they seem to call to us and to say, “Put me on – let’s belly dance!” And because they’re so much fun and so beautiful, we usually do.

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