The Belly Brain ‘Talks’

Since I’ve been thinking a lot about the belly brain lately, I decided to do a little survey. Because researchers say that we have a type of brain, a neurotransmitter complex in the abdomen that is associated with feelings, intuition, and a sense of ‘knowing’, I’ve been asking my friends and family about their ‘gut feelings’. Specifically, I want to know if people’s gut feelings and intuitions are accurate. When you get a ‘gut feeling’ or intuitive hunch about someone or something, does it usually turn out to be true?

So far, most everyone I’ve talked to said “yes”, their gut feelings usually turn out to be true. In fact, many expressed regrets for the occasions they didn’t listen to these feelings and then suffered some negative consequence because of it.

Our belly brain, as a neurotransmitter complex, receives information (energy/vibration) from our environment, and in turn, transmits messages to the rest of our body. It may also store our past experiences in some form of ‘memory’ (gut instinct) just like our head brain stores past experiences as memories (in the form of thoughts and pictures).

It’s going to be exciting to see what new discoveries will be made regarding our belly brain and its’ importance to our  mind/body/spiritual health. In the meantime, when our belly brain talks, it’s probably a good idea to listen.


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