’3 Minute’ Belly Dance Workout

Sometimes I know I should exercise, but either I feel like I don’t have the time or I just don’t feel like working out. In most instances, I realize that I do have time for 3-4 minutes, which is the length of many belly dance songs. So even if I don’t feel like working out, I’ll play one song and start moving.

The moves I usually do are circular, rolling movements like circles and figure 8’s of the hips and ribcage, undulations, head and shoulder rotations, and body vibrations (see my blog “Good Vibrations – Shimmy On”). These moves give me the most ‘bang’ for my workout ‘buck’. Because circular belly dance movements work in a full range of motion (360 degrees of direction), my muscles get thorough, condensed exercise, especially in the all-important core area. I know I’m not going to get an aerobic workout in 3-4 minutes, but I can get my circulation going and massage my stressed muscles and joints.

For me, the 3-minute workout almost always tricks me into doing a much longer workout. Usually by the time my first song is over, I’m enjoying myself so much that I just let the music continue to play, and before I know it, 10 songs (about 30-40 minutes or more) have just flown by. That’s what happens when you’re having fun!

So even if I just bellydance for 3 minutes, I know that I’m getting the most out of my time by doing full range of motion and vibrating movements. The enjoyment factor usually insures that I end up dancing longer than 1 song and getting an aerobic workout too.

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