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Belly Dance Costumes

Do I have to wear a costume to learn belly dance?

No, you do not have to wear a belly dance costume but it helps. Why? The modern belly dance costume has evolved over the years to accent and highlight the signature torso, arm, and hip moves of the belly dance. Belly dance outfits camouflage the parts of the body that are less emphasized in belly dance (the legs, for example), drawing attention to the important core movements.

Belly Dance Costumes

Janet Vega & Friends

Practice belly dance costumes can be pulled together from things you have in your closet. For example, elastic waisted skirts (especially long ones) can be fitted below the waist with a shawl or large scarf tied around the hips. Swim suit tops can be worn, or a blouse can be gathered up from the bottom and tied in a knot above the midriff. Dressing the part (and being able to see the hip and torso moves) makes the learning process easier and makes you feel like a ‘real’ belly dancer.

Belly dance costumes do not need to cost a lot - in particular practice costumes. Our online boutique offers a few low cost - high quality items like belly dance veils, coin belts and more.

Are there different styles of belly dance costumes?

There are many styles of belly dance costumes, and that's part of the fun of the dance! The most widely recognized belly dance costume is the modern 'cabaret' style, consisting of many possible variations of a floor length skirt fitted on the hips (and/or harem pants), a hip belt, and a bejeweled or decorated bra top.

A newly popular style is 'Tribal Belly dance' costuming which utilizes layers of heavy ethnic fabrics and jewelry for an ethnic/fusion/ Gypsy look. There are also practice outfits and styles that use Near and Mid Eastern folkloric elements. One of the best ways to get acquainted with the richness and diversity of belly dance costuming is to view photos of belly dancers, view belly dance videos, and belly dance video clips.

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